Nano-Group Holdings Ltd. is wholly owned by Nanotech R&D Investments Ltd.  Nano Fabric Company Ltd. and Nano Downtech Comforters Ltd. are the Hong Kong subsidiary companies.
Thanks to our Multi-national team of R&D scientists, we are able to develope the new and unique applications of  Nanotechnology to different industries.
2001  - Provide Nano treatment service for textiles and garments industry.
2007  - Self-cleaning application on glass windows for the Building and Construction industry.
2008  - Innnovation to the hotel laundry industry with the Sustainability of saving over 50% fresh water, 50% energy
2011  - Introduce the Nanotech C-6 treatment on the Down and Feather without PFOA and PFOC.
2018  - Zero PFC material with Blue Sign certified for textiles and Down/feather industry.


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